Experience the Natural Beauty of Samara

Samara reopened in 2023 after a year-long, $2 million restoration that addressed structural and mechanical challenges. Since then, we have been offering regular tours for the first time ever, rather than by appointment, from early Spring until late Autumn. 

During your 90-minuet guided tour of Samara, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Learn about Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision for affordable, middle-class housing, which he called Usonian. 
  • Explore the personal connection Dr. John and Catherine Christian had with Wright over the five-year design process for the house. 
  • Discover the many design elements Wright used to unite interior and exterior spaces and other hallmarks of the Usonian style. 
  • Visit multiple areas of the house, including the living room, dining room, kitchen (which Wright called the workspace), master bedroom and bath, and guest bedroom and bath. Visitors may also walk the wooded lot to explore the property’s exterior. 

Tour Schedule

In 2024, Samara will open from Wednesday, April 10th to Sunday, November 24th.

As of 05/31/2024, we have temporarily suspended all tours scheduled for October and November. Please check back in August for further updates to our schedule.

We offer 90-minute tours weekly from Wednesday to Sunday as we are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Morning tours start at 10 a.m. EDT and afternoon tours start at 3 p.m. EDT. If you cannot find a specific date or time, it may be due to a large group booking or no tours on that date.

Please note that due to schedule and space limitations, we cannot guarantee availability. If a tour is full, please do not purchase tickets for a different tour time, expecting to attend at an earlier or later time than indicated on your order.  

Organizations and school groups can contact our office at 765-409-5522 or info@samara-house.org to arrange custom tours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting the Site 

Do I need to buy tickets in advance? 
Yes. Unfortunately, we cannot welcome walk-in guests. You can make reservations at using the form above or at Eventbrite. Private groups may call 765-409-5522. 

Do I need to print out my tickets? 
No. We will have a list of ticket purchases, so you do not need to print your tickets. 
How many people can be on a tour? 
Each tour can accommodate up to 15 people. Private groups may call 765-409-5522 to accommodate larger group sizes.  
Does Samara have a visitors’ center? 
No. We will meet outside the house. Feel free to enjoy the gardens before the tour. 
When and where do I check-in? 
Check-in starts 20 min before your scheduled tour time. At the top of the brick driveway, look for a “Welcome” sign under the carport area. We will take your name through our check-in window.  
Can I drive on the driveway? 
No. All vehicles are restricted. Please walk up the brick driveway to access the house. If you have mobility issues, please call our office to arrange driveway access. 
Does Samara have a gift shop? 
No. However, if you would like to support Samara further, shop at The Frank Lloyd Wright Store. As an affiliate of The Frank Lloyd Wright Store, Samara receives support through items bought on their website. Please use coupon code “samara”.

You can also donate to enhance our education and preservation programs. Thank you for your support!
What should I do if I’m late? 
Please call our office at 765-409-5522 before your scheduled tour time. Tours will start promptly at the time indicated (Eastern Daylight Time) on your ticket. Do not attempt to open any of our historic doors or windows! 
Where is Samara? 
Look for a brick driveway at the dead-end of Woodland Avenue in West Lafayette, Indiana. Our teal-colored mailbox and gate are labeled 1301. 
Can I see Samara from the road? 
No. The house is hidden from street view by lush greenery. (Our neighbor’s house is completely visible to the road and has architectural elements reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright, but it is not Samara) 
What time zone is Samara located within? 
Eastern Daylight Time 

Tour Expectations 

Are we allowed to use the furniture? 
Yes, but only in the living room. If you need accommodation for a seat in other rooms, please alert your guide prior to the tour. 
Can we open the cabinets or handle artifacts? 
No. Please ask first! Please ask your tour guide before handling the cabinets or artifacts. We will facilitate and/or advise based on the best manner to preserve the historic site.  
Is photography allowed? 
Yes. Photography outside and inside the house is encouraged for personal, non-commercial use only. Tripods and drones are prohibited on regular tours. Photographers may schedule an appointment.  
Are food and drinks allowed inside the house? 
No. Please leave food and drinks outside or in your vehicle. Only water bottles may be permitted inside. 
Are backpacks, purses, or bags allowed inside the house? 
No. Please leave your personal belongings in your vehicle. The house has narrow hallways and small rooms that may be easily scratched by bags. 
Is smoking or vaping allowed? 
No. Smoking or vaping on the property is strictly prohibited. 
What if it is raining? 
When it’s raining, we adapt tours to cover indoor areas only. If you would like to tour the grounds on your own, please bring an umbrella. 

Accommodations & Amenities 

Are restrooms available in Samara? 
No. We do not have any restrooms in operational condition. We ask that you use a restroom before your visit to the property. 
Does Samara have on-site parking? 
No. However, public parking is available nearby along both sides of Woodland Avenue. 
Can I drive on the driveway? 
No. All vehicles are restricted. Please walk up the brick driveway to access the house. If you have mobility issues, please call our office to arrange driveway access. 
Are pets allowed on the tour? 
Certified service pets are always welcome. Please notify us ahead of your visit by calling 765-409-5522. Other pets are not permitted on tours. Also, please note that our property has limited shade, and pets should not be left in vehicles while guests are attending tours. 
Is Samara wheelchair accessible? 
No. We are working to make the house accessible, but currently there are three steps required to enter the house. If you have questions about accommodation and access, contact us at info@samara-house.org or 765-409-5522. 
Are there many stairs during the tour? 
No. Three stairsteps are required to enter the house. Inside, there are two areas with three stairsteps. If you need accommodation for a more accessible route inside, please alert your guide prior to the tour. 
Are tours available in different languages? 
No. Currently, tours are only offered in English. However, please refer to our blog for more information about the historic site. 

Refund & Transfer Policy  

  • Refund requests must be received at least 7 days before the tour date. Because tickets are purchased through Eventbrite, you will receive a partial refund as Eventbrite no longer refunds its fees. 
  • Transfer requests must be received at least 3 days before the tour date. Depending on availability, tickets may be transferred to a new date and time. There is no fee for ticket transfers. 
  • In the rare event that Samara must cancel a tour, if the property has become unsafe or unsuitable for use due to natural disasters or conditions beyond our control, guests will be notified and offered a full refund. 
We Are Here to Help! 

For further assistance with your order or placing an order, please contact our office at 765-409-5522 or info@samara-house.org. We will respond to you in a timely manner when possible. Currently, our office hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 9:00 am EDT to 5:00 pm EDT.

Note: If you haven’t received your order confirmation, please check your spam folder in your email. If you do not see an email, then check with your bank for a charge from “Eventbrite”. If you haven’t been charged and haven’t received an email from Eventbrite, it is likely your order did not process successfully. In such cases, we encourage you to try placing your order again.