Westcott House Story
An Exhibition: Realization of a Usonian Dream

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SAMARA furniture, fabrics and other artifacts along with a collection of Wright's colored renderings were exhibited for public viewing during February 2008 at the Westcott House in Springfield, Ohio.

The Exhibition opened with a Wright Lecture, Westcott Home Tour, and Gala Reception, and ended with a SAMARA Visit by a group of Westcott House Guests.

The Exhibition of the 1956 SAMARA House held within the walls of the 1906 Westcott House contrasted the uniqueness of Wright's Prairie and Usonian homes, viewed over a 50-year period.

The program was sponsored jointly by The John E. Christian Family Memorial Trust, Inc. and the Westcott House Foundation.

Wright Lecture

Tom Heinz
Guest Speaker

Westcott Home Tour

Marta Wojcik
Curator of Interpretation

SAMARA Exhibition
Gala Reception

Wally Rogers


Westcott House Guests

Story Told by Gary Stair, SAMARA Interpreter, and Wally Rogers, SAMARA Education Director
Photographs Contributed by Kay Conner,Terri Smith-Wright, Emily Farley, Wally Rogers and Gary Stair.

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