Spring 2001
Frank Lloyd Wright's Use of
Building Materials

Construction and Decorative Elements
Ted Osborn
Construction Element

Decorative Element

Frank Lloyd Wright's use of materials can be placed into two, distinct categories. One is the use of material as a construction element, the other, as a design or decorative element. Early in his career, Mr. Wright became expert in his ability to integrate these two categories and give unique, unexpected structural and visual surprises in his work.

His choice of materials, based on strength, color, texture, and compatibility with other materials, is legendary. The result is a collection of buildings that rival any art form in their timeless appeal.

Mr. Wright's organic principles of architecture, suggest that a building should grow from the inside out, with all of its parts existing in harmony with each other. Materials should retain their natural shape, color, texture, and integrity. They should be allowed to express their true nature, undisturbed by man-made appliques or other altering techniques.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Use of Building Materials

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