Spring 2001
Frank Lloyd Wright's Use of
Building Materials

Frank Lloyd Wright's Use of Copper
Meg Ellis
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Samara's exterior is composed primarily of brick, wood, glass, and metal. The subject of this report is metal, and more specifically, the use of copper at Samara. The analysis is based on the framework found in Terry L. Patterson's book Frank Lloyd Wright and the Meaning of Materials. Patterson considers four traits of each material: Form; Workability; Durability; and Strength. Because I am dealing only with copper at Samara, I will be concentrating on the first three traits.

The first question I asked about the use of copper at Samara was whether it was chosen for form, workability, or durability, and how these issues relate to the affordability that was central to Wright's concept of the Usonian home. To better understand these issues, we can look at the ways copper was used at Samara; upper and lower fascia, terrace blocks, and cladding.


Frank Lloyd Wright's Use of Building Materials

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