Fall 2000
SAMARA Colors and Their Use
A Frank Lloyd Wright Masterpiece

Frank Lloyd Wright's Desert Palette
Wally Rogers
SAMARA Interpreter
Ingredients for Organic Architecture


Reflected Light

Dr. Rogers' study of Frank Lloyd Wright's Desert Palette relates observations of the desert-rose colors of the Sonoran Southwest to the building, lighting and landscaping of SAMARA.

In his presentation, Wally describes his first walk among the flora of Taliesin West, the uniform pink hues of Wright's studio and home, subtle shades of beige, sand and ivory, the creation of the "Biltmore Block", landscapes of sand, rock and vegetation, the soft, pinkish glow of Arizona's landscape, the Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium, and the emergence of homes from the desert floor.

Also, Wright's use of rose-colored materials, the creation of natural living environments, designs of the desert palette, reflected rose hues, distinctive desert colors of SAMARA vegetation, the brilliantly colored leaves of the Japanese Maple, SAMARA's pink colored concrete block wall, distinctively pinkish glowing patterns, indirect lighting, and glows of lasting light.

Dr. Rogers' presentation of SAMARA Colors and Their Use is organized in the following way for your viewing pleasure.

SAMARA Colors and Their Use

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