Fall 2000
SAMARA Colors and Their Use
A Frank Lloyd Wright Masterpiece

An Interpreter's Perspective
Jerry Johnson
SAMARA Interpreter
SAMARA, a Work of Art

SAMARA Dominant Color Scheme

Mr. Johnson's study of An Interpreter's Perspective provides refreshing insight into the way Mr. Wright composed his designs by combining contrasting whites, greys and blacks to enhance the other natural colors on the site.

In his presentation, Jerry discusses the reality of Wright's architecture, how Wright allows the lush green foliage on the site to be seen from inside the house, the way sunlight enters the house and its play on color, the use of building materials to present interesting color patterns, the selection of original and replacement fabrics, and the grand splendor of SAMARA's shadows.

Mr. Johnson's presentation of SAMARA Colors and Their Use is organized in the following way for your viewing pleasure.

SAMARA Colors and Their Use

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