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SAMARA Education Series
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    Dr. John Christian
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    SAMARA Education Series

    SAMARA Education Series
  • Directory
  • Guidelines and Purpose
  • Invitation to Participate
  • The Advisory Council

    A Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Home


    Guidelines and Purpose

    SAMARA Advisory Council members recognize the historical significance of SAMARA as a lasting example of Frank Lloyd Wright's contributions to American architecture.

    Accordingly, members of the SAMARA Advisory Council proposed that a special SAMARA Education Series be developed as a means to enhance their own learning, and the learning of others.

    Participants of the SAMARA Education Series publish the results of their studies as Web pages which contribute significantly to the SAMARA historical archives.

    In this way, information about Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture can be made accessible to the public under the auspices of the John E. Christian Family Memorial Trust.

    Furthermore, the Advisory Council believes that, in addition to SAMARA's regular presentations and tours conducted by the owner, even greater numbers of people can be reached through the World Wide Wide.

    The SAMARA Advisory Council identifies and recommends a variety of topics to be studied by those who choose to participate in the SAMARA Education Series.

    Topics selected by the Advisory Council so far for possible study include:

    The SAMARA archives are used to support the research and discussion phase of our studies. Images similar to the ones you see here contributed to our understanding of cantilevers, the initial topic under study.

    Our guidelines for participating are simple and straight forward. The following outline was created to guide our studies.

    1. Introduction and brief explanation of the topic.
    2. Philosophy of topic as related to Frank Lloyd Wright's view of architecture.
    3. Detailed aspects of the topic, but not too technical.
    4. Relationship of the topic to Nature and how this fits in with Mr. Wright's philosophy of architecture.
    5. How the topic affects the living environment and the life of the owner, his family and other occupants.
    6. Different perspectives on the topic as understood or interpreted or realized by other folks.
    7. Aspects of these guideline statements blended together to focus on SAMARA indicating relevance and theme.

    The SAMARA Education Series is conducted collaboratively in accordance with the educational philosophy of the John E. Christian Family Memorial Trust, Inc.

    To this end, the SAMARA Education Series is offered with the approval and participation of Dr. John Christian, original client of Frank Lloyd Wright, and owner of SAMARA (1954).

    The SAMARA Education Series is conducted on-site at SAMARA, located in West Lafayette, Indiana. A facilitator guides the sharing of ideas and information by the participants, and the discussions that follow.

    Anyone with an interest in Frank Lloyd Wright and his architecture is invited to participate. Please contact to express your interest in the SAMARA Education Series.


    Fall         1998     Cantilevers
    Spring   1999     Construction Innovations
    Fall         1999     Furniture and Its Use
    SAMARA Education Series
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