SAMARA Education Series
Fall 1999 - Spring 2000

SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
In A Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Home


The SAMARA Advisory Council cordially invites anyone with an interest in Frank Lloyd Wright and his architecture to participate in the SAMARA Education Series.

In response to this standing invitation, Doug Wintin sent us an email message in August 1999 saying, "I have always found Mr. Wright's work very inspirational and visit as many locations as I can while traveling. Of particular interest to me, as an industrial designer is FLLW's design and use of furniture in his structures."

As for his interest, Doug noted that as an industrial designer he is in the business of designing consumer products. He mentioned that he came to industrial design through his work with architects and interior designers.

Dr. Christian, an original client, and owner of SAMARA, immediately invited Doug, Judy his wife and Erica their daughter, to attend an Open House held annually at SAMARA each fall.

Doug said that he actually found our web site while surfing for information on tours of Fallingwater. He and his family have visited Fallingwater along with other Wright buildings.

The opportunity to be involved in a study series close to his home (Doug lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana) was too good to pass up. In addition, the chance to study Wright's furniture design was an unexpected bonus.

Following his visit to SAMARA, Doug emailed us saying, "WOW! What a great and inspirational day. I can't thank you enough for the amount of time you dedicated to us during your very hectic day. I am very excited about the possibilities for the furniture discussions and I am working up a brief for you. I should have it completed and to you this weekend. Again, what a fabulous day!"

Within several days, Doug had sent along his ideas about SAMARA Furniture and Its Use. In October, Doug participated in the SAMARA Advisory Council meeting in West Lafayette where he shared his enthusiasm for Mr. Wright and his furniture designs.

Interest was so high that we decided to extend our studies of SAMARA Furniture and Its Use over the Fall 1999 and Spring 2000 sessions. Consequently, there are two separate, but inter-related, directories to cover our studies about SAMARA Furniture and Its Use.

SAMARA Education Series
Fall 1999 SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
Doug Wintin The Architect Within
    Organic Whole
    Human Scale
    Usonian Style
John Christian The Owner's View
    Complete Unity and Grammar
    Integrated Design
    Coordinated Features
    Natural Materials
    Oriental Quality
    Cantilever Principle
Ted and Lynn Osborn Thoughts - FLLW Furniture Designs
    Simple Theme
    The Grand Gallery
    Informal Little Tables
Spring 2000 SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
John Christian The Owner's View
    Television Trays
    Dining Room Chairs
    Pole Lights
    Origami and Organic Chairs
    Bedside Tables
    Weed Holder
Jerry Johnson The Eclectric Mr. Wright
    Barrel Chairs
    Classic Designs
    Utilitarian Furniture
Wally Rogers Dining Table and Chairs
    The Dining Area
    The Furishings
    The Craftsmanship
    The Drawings
    The Construction

SAMARA Education Series Directory

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