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Building the Wright Way

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Building the Wright Way


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"A building appears as the landscape. The hard and fast lines between inside and outside disappear." Frank Lloyd Wright

We experience SAMARA even before we set foot within its walls. From the exterior of the house, one is almost unconscious by the subtle beginning of the red ochre colored floor which extends beyond the foundation parameter. One is not sure where the actual house begins and where it ends because of the seemingly wide base of the home.

So, we should understand that Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural elements are introduced gradually and play upon our perspective in a subtle, psychological way. This is reflected in that the house foundation does not call attention to a strict definition of the home's perimeter.

This curious aspect of Wright's Usonian architecture results from the integration of various elements to form the whole. In the case of SAMARA, Mr. Wright integrated in a most fascinating manner the house's floating foundation, concrete floors and gravity heating system without the apparent benefits normally associated with constructing expensive basement walls.

Construction Innovations of Frank Lloyd Wright
Building the Wright Way

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Overviews of Construction Innovations
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