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"The sense of space within the reality of any building is a new concept wherever architecture is concerned." Frank Lloyd Wright

Throughout his career, Frank Lloyd Wright was a master at the manipulation of space. That is, the efforts to alter the perception of an area by virtue of its design.

The purpose of manipulating space is generally to increase the effect of some aspect of the design including privacy, openness, intimacy and Nature to name a few aspects common to Wright's designs. Many of Mr. Wright's most famous designs possess these characteristics. The Unity Temple, Susan Dana House, Johnson Wax Building, and Fallingwater come to mind.

What is interesting is that even with the smaller scale of his Usonian houses, Wright stuck to his design principles. SAMARA is an exquisite example of Wright's manipulation of space.

In this study, the entrance, living room and dining room areas of SAMARA are described to illustrate how Wright manipulates space to suit the purpose of a living area. He used similar methods to successfully manipulate space in other areas of the house including the hallway and bedrooms. In doing so, Wright directs the feelings and emotions of an observer, just as any great artist does.

Construction Innovations of Frank Lloyd Wright
Manipulation of Space

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Overviews of Construction Innovations
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