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Historical Perspectives


Breaking the Box

A Roof to Fit

A Fascia That Tickles the Eye

Storage for the Beast - and More

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"When asked what was his best design, Frank Lloyd Wright would frequently reply, 'The next one.'"

The construction innovations of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture are bold, numerous and varied. Spanning seven decades, Wright's works show a continuous refinement of his ideas from one period to the next.

SAMARA, being one of Wright's last Usonian designs, contains over 40 construction innovations in the living room alone. However, Mr. Wright's innovations are found throughout the property on both the interior and exterior parts of the house.

For my study, I have selected four of Wright's major innovations as they relate to breaking the box, a roof to fit the site, a fascia to tickle the eye and storage for the beast - and more. These major innovations have their own unique historical perspectives which I trace back to their beginnings around the 1890s and up to the 1930s. The accompanying photographs are all original taken by the author.

The following images illustrate the four construction innovations for this study.

Robie House
The Ultimate Broken Box
Nathan Moore Residence
Roof for the Site
A. D. German Warehouse
Fascia to Tickle the Eye
Store the Beast

Historical Perspectives
Overview | Breaking the Box | A Roof to Fit the Site | A Fascia to Tickle the Eye | Storage for the Beast - and More

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