Frank Lloyd Wright's SAMARA
Frank Lloyd Wright Miniature Furniture
Public Display

Frank Lloyd Wright furniture replicas are ¼ inch scale reproduction made by Wayne Kingery of Rossville, Indiana, of the original furniture designed or specified for the John and Kay Christian home called SAMARA located in West Lafayette, Indiana. The replicas were created over a 2 to 3 year period from about 2005 to 2007. The reproductions are made of Philippine mahogany wood and are used as separate displays, or sometimes, in conjunction with original scale furniture exhibitions.

Miniature Furniture Listing:

Origami Chair (Taliesin West Chair or Butterfly Chair)

Weed Holder Vase

Television Tray Stand

“Stack” Tables

Accent Table Lamp (small Pole Lamp or Box Lamp)

Dining Room Side Chair (Heritage Henredon Furniture Company w/ Zacapa Fabric)

Triangle Table and Coffee Table Matrix

Hassock (Upholstered w/ Zacapa Fabric)

Midway Gardens Organic Chair (Cherry Wood and Wool/Nylon Blend Fabric)

Wooden Floor Lamp (w/ Japanese Paper Shade)

Hexagonal Table

Bedside Table and Drawers


Taliesin Pole Lamp

Perforated SAMARA Clerestory Window Panel

Midway Gardens Indoor-Outdoor Chair


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