SAMARA Furniture and Its Use

SAMARA Furniture and Its Use

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SAMARA Education Series
Fall 1999 - The Owner's View
SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
   Complete Unity and Grammar
   Integrated Design
   Coordinated Features
   Natural Materials
   Oriental Quality
   Cantilever Principle
Spring 2000 - The Owner's View
SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
   Television Trays
   Dining Room Chairs
   Pole Lights
   Origami and Organic Chairs
   Bedside Tables
   Weed Holder

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SAMARA Education Series
Spring 2000

SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
In A Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Home

The Owner's View
John Christian

Television Trays

Other unique pieces of furniture, adaptable to a number of uses in SAMARA are what Mr. Wright referred to as "Television Trays."

In one of the early meetings the Christian's had with Frank Lloyd Wright during the design phase (1953), Mr. Wright asked the Christians if they had a television set. They explained that they did not since they were saving their resources for building the house.

Mr. Wright responded, " Well you will have, you will have two or three of them!" Mr. Christian has lived in SAMARA for 44 years and now has three television sets. Very good vision on Mr. Wright's part.

Then Mr. Wright said, "I will design you a television tray. T.V. is such a novelty that when you have company over, your guests will want to sit in front of the T.V. while they eat." He designed twelve such trays. The top lifts off and the lower portion with the SAMARA motif and piano hinges folds up so that this one-of-a-kind combination of furniture can be stored easily in a closet.

The separated tray is used to obtain food from the work space or from a serving table and than supported on the lower base portion of the furniture.

These television trays are also adaptable for use as lamp tables, end tables, work tables as well for other uses around the house.

The Owner's View
Fall 1999
Introduction | Complete Unity and Grammar | Integrated Design
Coordinated Features | Natural Materials
Versatility | Oriental Quality | Cantiliver Principle

Spring 2000
Television Trays | Dining Room Chairs | Pole Lights
Origami and Organic Chairs | Bedside Tables | Weed Holder

SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
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