SAMARA Furniture and Its Use

SAMARA Furniture and Its Use

Doug Wintin
The Architect Within

Wally Rogers
Dining Table and Chairs

John Christian
The Owner's View

Jerry Johnson
The Eclectic Mr. Wright

Ted and Lynn Osborn
Thoughts About FLLW
Furniture Designs


SAMARA Education Series
SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
Spring 2000 - Table and Chairs
   The Dining Area
   The Furnishings
   The Craftsmanship
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SAMARA Education Series
Spring 2000

SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
In A Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Home

Dining Table and Chairs
Wally Rogers


Carla Lind, a staunch advocate and protector of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, tells us that dining areas represent some of Mr. Wright's most perfectly conceived interior spaces. To Wright, dining is intended to be a family function where individuals gather to enjoy each other, their home-cooked meals, and at times the company of others.

Social changes in America pushed the dining room from being a separate area in the home, like in the Victorian age, to being a vital part of a home's kitchen complete with its cooking area. Early in his career, Mr. Wright conceived the dining area as part of the living room by first opening the space to the garden.

As he began to chip away at the box, Frank Lloyd Wright removed partitions that separated adjoining spaces, including the reception, living, dining and cooking areas of the home. As shown here at SAMARA, he placed high value on movement through space as opposed to blocking it.

Dining Table and Chairs
Introduction | The Dining Area | The Furnishings
The Craftsmanship | The Drawings | The Construction

SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
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