SAMARA Furniture and Its Use

SAMARA Furniture and Its Use

Doug Wintin
The Architect Within

Wally Rogers
Dining Table and Chairs

John Christian
The Owner's View

Jerry Johnson
The Eclectic Mr. Wright

Ted and Lynn Osborn
Thoughts About FLLW
Furniture Designs


SAMARA Education Series
SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
Fall 1999 - Furniture Designs
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SAMARA Education Series
Fall 1999

SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
In A Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Home

Thoughts About FLLW Furniture Designs
Ted and Lynn Osborn


The most obvious thing about Frank Lloyd Wright's furniture is that it reflects the design of the building and/or its motif.

As such, it is not possible to categorize it completely. In SAMARA, the high-backed dining chairs recall the winged-seed abstract, but also reflect the formality of the prairie style designs.

Wright borrowed the basic geometry of Stickley and other arts and crafts designers of the prairie style. It all seems to come full circle in SAMARA since Frank Lloyd Wright must have felt that the high back design was the last word in formal, even though he seemed to use it primarily in the dining room.

However, on closer examination of the Christian House, the same chairs were intended to be and can be found used by the owner in the main entrance of the home as well as in the master bedroom.

Thoughts About FLLW Furniture Designs
Introduction | Simple Theme
The Grand Gallery | Informal Little Tables

SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
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