SAMARA Furniture and Its Use

SAMARA Furniture and Its Use

Doug Wintin
The Architect Within

Wally Rogers
Dining Table and Chairs

John Christian
The Owner's View

Jerry Johnson
The Eclectic Mr. Wright

Ted and Lynn Osborn
Thoughts About FLLW
Furniture Designs


SAMARA Education Series
SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
Fall 1999 - The Owner's View
   Complete Unity and Grammar
   Integrated Design
   Coordinated Features
   Natural Materials
   Oriental Quality
   Cantilever Principle
SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
Spring 2000 - The Owner's View
   Television Trays
   Dining Room Chairs
   Pole Lights
   Origami and Organic Chairs
   Bedside Tables
   Weed Holder

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SAMARA Education Series
Fall 1999

SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
In A Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Home

The Owner's View
John Christian


Early in his career as an architect in 1910, Frank Lloyd Wright said, "It is quite impossible to consider the building one thing and its furnishings another."

SAMARA is one of the last homes that Frank Lloyd Wright designed having been done in 1954-55. The Christian's moved into their home in the Fall of 1956. Mr. Wright was 89 years old and passed away just two and one half years later at the age of 91.

Being one of the last of Mr. Wright's designs, the SAMARA plans include many of his innovations accumulated over 70 years of architectural practice.

Architectural historians have recorded over 40 such innovations existing in the living room of SAMARA alone. Most of these innovations relate to items inside of the house including a number of furniture items.

The Owner's View
Fall 1999
Introduction | Complete Unity and Grammar | Integrated Design
Coordinated Features | Natural Materials | Versatility
Oriental Quality | Cantilever Principle

Spring 2000
Television Trays | Dining Room Chairs | Pole Lights
Origami and Organic Chairs | Bedside Tables | Weed Holder

SAMARA Furniture and Its Use
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