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SAMARA, a Work of Art

SAMARA, a Work of Art
The SAMARA Education Series first appeared in 1999. Topics for study included Cantilevers, Construction Innovations, SAMARA Furniture and Its Use, SAMARA Colors and Their Use, and Use of Building Materials.

Several years ago, interruptions in our Internet Provider Service resulted in many Web pages becoming useless with respect to links to our Home Page, E-mail Address and Directories.

However, the content of the entire SAMARA Education Series is still relevant, accurate and meaningful. Therefore, a decision has been made to place as many Web pages as possible on our current Web site at, which is our new Home Page. Our new E-mail Address is

The link to the original Directory for the SAMARA Education Series appears below, which links to the original files located on our new Web Site hosted by MidWest.Net located in Indianapolis. Some images on some of the Web pages may be missing, but every attempt will be made to restore the old Web pages for your most enjoyable use.
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