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Ed Townsend, Photographer

Ed Townsend

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"Photographs that say a lot about Frank Lloyd Wright's genius of design." Ed Townsend, 1999

Shooting from the dining area, Ed captures the warm glow of the SAMARA living room. Frank Lloyd Wright's abstraction of "winged seeds in motion" or samara are clearly evident on the back of one of the dining room chairs.

The rich golden colored glow of light in the living room creates a warm and comfortable environment on an early mid-June evening.

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         Shadows          Mitered Glass Corner        Clerestory           Built-in Furniture

The colors of SAMARA are as varied as Nature itself. Like a golden-red sunset, the living room emits brilliance everywhere - whether you are looking from the inside out or from the outside in. Like in Nature, shadows dominate the total landscape of the room. The mitered glass corner allows straight-line vision all the way across the room to the long bookshelves and lighted entry of the house. The perforated boards in the clerestory windows cast shadows across the ceiling while the colors of the fabrics and rugs give up their soft hues. The built-in furniture, accented by indirect lighting hidden in the bookshelves above, provides light and dark variegated green colors balanced against the lighted brick wall and ceiling.

Photographer's Comments
These nighttime pictures of SAMARA's interior are some of my favorites. The way color, light and shadows interact is amazing. The warm glow of recessed, indirect lighting invites you to kick back, unwind, and enjoy time with family, friends or a good book. Who Needs TV? The first picture shows so much of SAMARA's character. Light patterns from the clerestory windows, the highlighted weed, the weed shadow on the ceiling, and the duplication of the copper fascia with the shadows cast from the pole light against the brick wall are examples of its character. I feel that the two middle photographs illustrate perfectly how it is possible to have the feeling of being inside and outside, both at the same time.

SAMARA Photo Gallery
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