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Ed Townsend, Photographer

Ed Townsend

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"Photographs that say a lot about Frank Lloyd Wright's genius of design." Ed Townsend, 1999

Ed aims his camera lens toward property lighting located outside along the driveway. Main access to the one acre property is at the bottom of a brick driveway which leads up hill to the house.

The decor of SAMARA is intriguing at night because of the striking way that the property is lighted. Light reflecting off the ornaments hanging from corners of the house never fail to catch your attention.

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                  Entry Gate        Entry Gate        Lamp Post        Soleri Bell

The long spike located at SAMARA's entry gate serves as a beacon at night when the property is approached from the street. The entry gate is attached to a brick mass that anchors the lighted spike. A short distance up the brick driveway from the spike a garden lamp post draws attention toward the house which shines brilliantly in the background. A Soleri bell hanging from the cantilevered roof near the front door of the house draws visitors toward the entrance which is otherwise hidden from view.

Photographer's Comments
These photographs attempt to show some of the exterior night decor of SAMARA. The entry gate, driveway light, and Solari bell were all specified by Frank Lloyd Wright. Each, as I have come to expect in a Wright-designed home, is an integral part of the overall personality of the home. A photographic technique employed in making the pictures of the entry gate and driveway light result in an interesting variation of those structures. This star-like effect seems to embrace the idea of SAMARA floating among the heavens.

SAMARA Photo Gallery
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