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Ed Townsend, Photographer

Ed Townsend

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"Photographs that say a lot about Frank Lloyd Wright's genius of design." Ed Townsend, 1999

Ed prepares to shoot pictures from inside of the terrace wall near the living room. The colors of SAMARA are captured through the use of special filters along with time-lapse photography.

Ed believes that the true colors of SAMARA show up best at night when the light reflects from the Cherokee red colored floors outside of the house onto the overhangs around the house.

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          Terrace                   Carport                   Entrance                 Fascia

This series of night photographs show off the four well-lighted areas of the house. The terrace appears as a brilliantly lighted area resulting from the strong lighting located within the living room as well as on the terrace itself. The lighted carport creates a mysterious aurora near the entrance to the house. The three-dimensional copper fascia, when lighted at night, creates repeated patterns of triangular ornaments along the roofline of the house.

Photographer's Comments
I suggest that these four nighttime pictures of SAMARA seem to take on a mystic quality floating in the darkness as do the moon and stars. I particularly like the lighted carport showing SAMARA with its own set of "seven moons" of the illuminated copper fascia. The fourth photograph shows off the cantilevered roof with very interesting highlighting of the copper fascia.

SAMARA Photo Gallery
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