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Ed Townsend, Photographer

Ed Townsend

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Gallery IV - Copper of SAMARA

"Photographs that say a lot about Frank Lloyd Wright's genius of design." Ed Townsend, 1999

Standing south of the house, Joyce makes notes as Ed photographs the copper fascia and terrace of the house.

The copper patina color of the ornamental fascia attached along the lower roof draws attention to SAMARA. Otherwise, Frank Lloyd Wright designed a very quiet house and property to reflect the personalities of John and Kay Christian, his clients.

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      Entrance Gate            Ornamental Fascia         Lower Roof Line               Lanai

In these photographs, the Copper of SAMARA stands out as the dominant feature of the house. The iron entrance gate, with its characteristic robin eggshell color of copper, draws your eyes up the drive toward the house. The ornamental fascia can be seen hugging the lower roof line nearly all the way around the house. The color of the furniture on the lanai matches the patina colored fascia of the lower roofline above the dining room.

Photographer's Comments
Dr. John Christian is one of perhaps only six original clients of Frank Lloyd Wright who still resides in his home today. It was quite a thrill to photograph the original owner at the entrance gate to SAMARA. The clerestory windows located between the upper and lower roofs of the house were a pleasant surprise as I prepared to take the photograph of the ornamental fascia. The wedge-shaped ornaments of the fascia on the lower roof are striking examples of the way Mr. Wright draws attention to the house. Like the patina on the fascia, the lanai furniture stands out in sharp contrast against the reddish pink colored brick.

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