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Ed Townsend, Photographer

Ed Townsend

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Gallery II - Moods of SAMARA

"Photographs that say a lot about Frank Lloyd Wright's genius of design." Ed Townsend, 1999

Standing in the living room, Ed and Joyce Townsend discuss with Dr. Christian, owner of SAMARA, possible photographs to be taken for the SAMARA Photo Gallery.

Ideas for pictures inside the house included the fireplace, decks, lights, rug and dinnerware. Ideas for outside pictures included the copper fascia, reflected images and red concrete floors. Also, patio furniture, roof lines, clerestory windows and outside lighting.

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           Wide Open Space          Fireplace            Lamp          Bowl with Winged Seeds

In these photographs taken inside the house, Ed captured the moods of SAMARA starting with the wide open space of the living room. The fireplace, located near the center or heart of the house, provides occupants with feelings of warmth, security and shelter. The lamp, located in the guest bedroom, provides a quiet and peaceful environment through its soft glow of light. The theme of SAMARA, which sets the mood for the entire house and property, is conveyed through the bowl with winged seeds collected from pine trees on the property.

Photographer's Comments
The first photograph is one of my favorites. It shows Frank Lloyd Wright's hidden entrance to the far left, with a low ceiling, exploding into wide open space of the living room. Other features such as recessed lighting, using the same materials inside as outside, clerestory windows, continuity of design and even a hidden television if you know where to look. The second photograph shows the fireplace and its corner without any visible means of support, raking of the interior mortar same as the outside, and the Cherokee red floor, one of Frank Lloyd Wright's trademarks.

SAMARA Photo Gallery
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