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"Photographs that say a lot about Frank Lloyd Wright's genius of design." Ed Townsend, 1999

A Frank Lloyd Wright designed home
1301 Woodland Avenue
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Welcome to the SAMARA Photo Gallery.

I'm John Christian, client of Frank Lloyd Wright and owner of SAMARA. It's a special privilege to share my home with you. There's lots here to take in, see and learn about SAMARA, a pristine example of Mr. Wright's late Usonian work.

The photographer for the gallery is Ed Townsend who, with Joyce, his wife, has a keen interest in the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. I first met Ed and Joyce last fall during their initial visit to my house.
I was pleased and immediately impressed with their knowledge of Usonian designed residences.

It was interesting to learn that the Townsends, at the time I met them in my home, had just recently visited the Stanley Rosenbaum Residence in Florence, Alabama. During their visit, Mrs. Rosenbaum told Ed and Joyce about me and my home, the John E. Christian House.

Ed asked to take some pictures of SAMARA and later sent me the results. I was so impressed with his ability that I asked him if he would mind taking more photographs both inside and outside of the house. He and Joyce expressed gratitude for the offer and jumped at the opportunity to photograph SAMARA during the daylight hours.

As you might expect, the results were so spectacular that I requested that he take additional photographs of the house and property during the nighttime hours. It was April when Ed took his daylight pictures and June when he snapped the nighttime photographs.

The SAMARA Photo Gallery was first conceived, and expertly designed, by my friend and close colleague, Wally Rogers. Dr. Rogers is an interpreter of SAMARA and Frank Lloyd Architecture and has done a splendid job in working with Ed and Joyce in pulling together the photographs and assisting in the writing of the accompanying text. In addition, Wally created these Web pages for which I am gratefully thankful.

There are 40 photographs in the gallery with each appearing as a thumbnail and enlargement. Enjoy!

SAMARA Photo Gallery
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