John Crowther at SAMARA
Frank Lloyd Wright
Written and performed by John Crowther

Brought to Purdue University for the CONVOS 2001-2002 Season, John Crowther played to a full house contributing significantly to the Gala Opening of our first Exhibition - Frank Lloyd Wright's SAMARA: Winged Seeds of Indiana.

Mr. Crowther's one-man show is a profound expression of the work and life of the world's greatest architect. His premeire performance was enthusiastically received by an astute and appreciative audience.

We learned from this world reknown director, writer, actor and teacher that as a teenager he met Frank Lloyd Wright at the Usonian Exhibition House in New York City. Mr. Crowther told us about introducing himself to Mr. Wright and the conversation he had with him about wanting to become an architect.

John Crowther's Visit to SAMARA
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