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    1   Do you have some secret hiding places in the house?
    2   Where did you get the "dragon" outside the kitchen window?
I like your question! "Are there secret hiding places in the house?" It is a really fun question!

I think this is important because I suspect that most of you, if not all, have a secret hiding place where you live. All houses should have secret hiding places.

I have at least three. In the living room, there are several "hassocks" which normally serve as seats for visitors to the house.

The cushion is removable and the hassock can be turned over on its top. The inside is hollow and provides a place where I can hide things.

For larger things, like important papers and plans of the house, there are invisible drawers designed under the long, built-in seats in the living room.

These are easily pulled out to hide more personal things from visitors to my house. The next time you visit me, I will show you these secret hiding places.

There is one other place which is, even more, secret where I keep some of my more treasured items. I will only tell you that this place is in my bedroom because if I give you the exact location it will no longer be a secret hiding place.

The dragon on the wall guarding the entrance to the lanai area outside the dining room window is from Bangkok, Thailand. I purchased it in association with the oriental Buddha which is on the stereo speaker cabinet in the living room.

The dragons are used to guard the temples where the Buddhas are displayed for the public.

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The Benton SAMARAQuest Challenge is designed to expand your learnings beyond what you already know about Frank Lloyd Wright and SAMARA. The Challenge suggests activities for exploring things you're interested in learning more about in your studies of the world's greatest architect.

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