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The Icicles

Patrick Freeland / Gentry Miller / Janet Bohn

    1   Can you send us a picture of your favorite thing in the house?
    2   Did you ever have a party for your daughter in the house?

Frank Lloyd Wright liked icicles. By using a flat roof, he designed SAMARA so that rainwater would flow to the corners and then drain off through 4" diameter openings and just fall to the ground without downspouts.

Mr. Wright said, " Every house should have its own waterfall." And that's what happens- when it rains there is falling water on each corner of the house.

In the winter with freezing and thawing, icicles form on each corner of the house and each day they are different. Mr. Wright said, " Each day you will have a different ice sculpture on each corner of your house."

So, the name Icicles for your team to talk about Frank Lloyd Wright and SAMARA is a very descriptive one.

My favorite things in the house are items associated with the television in the living room. First of all, there are the television trays designed specifically for SAMARA.

Mr. Wright designed them so they could be stored in a closet and then easily set up in front of the television. Guests could then comfortably eat while they watched.

He designed the TV trays with the house logo (SAMARA design). Piano hinges were used so they can fold up and be flat when stacked for storage.

A removable tray which sits on top of the unfolded base is used to get food from the dining room or the workspace. They are unique and are the first television trays ever designed for a specific house.

Mr. Wright said, " Television sets are ugly and when not in use they should be hidden from view." So, he designed what he called the Open Sesame for hiding the television.

When the TV is wanted, a remote control is activated bringing the television up out of its hidden cabinet. Pushing the control again returns the unit to its hidden chamber.

Here is one of my favorite photographs of Otterbein school children learning about the "hidden" television set in the living room.

The next time I surprise visitors with the Open Sesame story, Wally Rogers has agreed to take some pictures and I'll send them to you.

There were always parties being held at our house for our daughter Linda, as well as for others. Mrs. Christian loved to entertain and with the house being designed by Mr. Wright for this purpose, it was natural for us to have visitors.

Birthday parties for Linda were always special. In the winter with a large fire in the fireplace, the parties were quite festive with toasted marshmallows, hotdogs, hamburgers, and hot chocolate or hot tea in abundance.

At Christmas time, there were Christmas trees on the terrace off the living room as well as in the living room itself. The trees on the inside were decorated with many packages placed underneath.

On the outside, when it was cold and there was snow, the trees were naturally decorated with the snow and lots of icicles.

When Linda was five to nine years old, a children's' theatre group of kids in the neighborhood was organized. They wrote, made costumes, and performed their own plays.

While taking full advantage of the variable lighting system, the upper part of the living room was used as the stage. The bedrooms were used to change costumes.

Parents and other guests gathered in the lower part of the room to watch the performances. These events were always very enjoyable evenings. Perhaps you and other Benton students can someday put on such a play for your parents and friends.

You are all welcome to do so!

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